Group Financial Education

The Focus of My Workshops

Participants learn to frame their decisions around what best propels them towards their desired future. We explore not just the "what" and “how” of personal finance, but the “why”.

Workshops can be tailored to your group. They can be presented individually or in combination. Workshops include hands-on activities, teaching tools & visual aids to enhance learning.

  • All about Credit

  • Budgeting & Spending

  • Defeating Debt

  • Financial Goal Setting

  • Saving & Investing

  • Funding College

  • Home Buying

  • Fraud & Identity Theft

  • Major Purchase Decisions

  • Homes, Cars & Education

  • Financial GPS Series

  • Millennials & Money Series

  • College & Career Prep Series

  • Retirement Roadmap Series

“I gained an immense amount of knowledge and feel very prepared to tackle my finances. The instructor was fantastic! I highly recommend this course!” -Participant, Millennials & Money