Meet Me

Marjorie McLean, MBA, AFC®

As a child, my favorite Saturday morning activity was counting the coins in my piggy bank, which was a tin can with Snoopy on the front. I took that love of money and management, earned a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and worked in the government and non-profit sectors in financial and program management. From there, I found a passion for helping others meet their personal financial goals and earned the Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) designation.

I bring a fresh perspective to personal finance. I share this fresh perspective through in-person and virtual individual/couples financial counseling and coaching, and group courses and workshops.

I am biased towards the individual and their personal financial goals. This is in contrast to much of the financial information provided by marketers or those selling particular products. As an accredited financial counselor (AFC®), I partner with people, providing tools, resources, and information, guiding them to take positive steps to identify and achieve their financial goals. I do not sell products or provide specific investment advice.